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If you’re shopping for new blushers online, here are some of BOETIEK’s top tips to apply the product. If you’re someone who likes to have a rosy tint to your face - blush is the way forward (but you probably already knew that). Firstly, don’t forget: it’s a rosy tint. Be frugal, less is more so don’t overdo it. Secondly, think about your placement - you want to make sure that your blush is on the apple of your cheeks. So give us a cheeky grin and you’ll see which part of the face you want to highlight with blusher. And finally, make sure you’re applying blush in the right lighting - if you’re doing it in the dark you’re going to give yourself a shock when you walk into the daylight! At BOETIEK, we love to experiement with make up products and trends. It's a fun and easy way to bring a twist to your usual looks so have a look at some new and different brands, such as Mii Cosmetics

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