Here’s how to style casual blazers for women

How To Style / 6 months ago

Now that it’s permanently cold out there, it’s time to crack out those all important layers. This year one of our favourites trends are casual blazers for women- which is perfect for this time of year! A blazer can definitely be an in-between layer, so rather than wearing your normal jeans and jumper combo, you can switch up your middle layer with something a lil’ different. Here are four ways you can wear casual blazers for women. 

casual leather blazer outfits

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Now casual + blazer aren’t usually two words that you would hear together but hear us out. As with much of this year, the trends are sticking to the relaxed tailored oversized look which has influenced the trends since the beginning of the pandemic. Why would a blazer trend be any different? So obviously an oversized blazer is in- but even more so is the oversized leather blazer. The cool thing about leather is that it makes the look more casual as it’s sort of between a jacket and blazer anyway. Also, you can definitely find some great vintage leather blazers out there! A cheeky win for the environment and for you too.

Blazer Outfits for Ladies

  1. Oversized Blazer and wide leg jeans
  2. Overiszed blazer and macthing trousers
  3. Oversized leather blazers and turtleneck
  4. Oversized blazer and dress

blazer and wide leg jeans

1. Oversized Blazer + Wide Leg Jeans

It’s an Insta-classic and one of our favourite blazer outfits for ladies. You can instantly create the semi-casual look by pairing a blazer with some wide leg jeans. You can mix and match your shoes for this outfit depending on where you’re off to: sneakers for a more ‘laxed vibe or boots for your day-out to the office.

2. Oversized blazer + matching trousers

Nothing is more powerful than a woman in a suit. Combine your oversized blazer with wide trousers in the same colour and fabric. Doesn’t feel very casual though, right? You can dress down the co-ord by wearing it with a t-shirt and trainers. If you stick to light colours such as beige, grey or even pastels then you can keep the suit feeling fresh, light and casual too.

how to style a blazer and a turtleneck

3. Oversized leather blazer + turtleneck 

If you think that an oversized leather blazer might not be very casual you just need to pair it with casual materials; jeans, trainers and knits are a great way to make any look feel more relaxed. In this situation, a cosy knitted turtleneck is perfect to wear under an oversized leather jacket. It could even be a hoodie!

white blazer dress outfit

4. Oversized Blazer + dress

I might be being hopeful but winter time usually = party season. And party season usually = dresses. Although blazer dresses were a big thing a few years ago, blazer outfits for ladies are still in: you can wear your oversized blazer over a mini dress and tights. We think this looks extra cute if you’re wearing a loose fit, mini dress and show off your legs through some patterned tights. Ok, we definitely side-stepped from casual blazers for women but you want to make sure that your new blazer is versatile, right??

Which of these casual blazers for women’s looks will you be trying out first? It’s taken us a while to come round on how to make blazer outfits for ladies work for us- but once you find your groove you’ll soon find out that they’re perfect for winter (and summer too!).