How do you create a soft glam look?

How To Style / 9 months ago

So let's be honest, after spending 85% of the last year working from home... well, I've let my beauty routine slip a little. I'm so out of practice when it comes to applying make up, I can count the number of times I got dolled up on my fingers. I do love that I've relaxed my need to wear make up and I'm giving my skin time to breathe but the truth of it is that I love make up. And I really need to up my game; for the short trip to the corner shop I found myself basically applying full drag as an excuse to go through the theraputeutic ritual of applying make up.

As the UK opens up, dinner with the gals and festivals back on the agenda, I have my excuse to get dressed up and paint my face. So I set out to explore one of the popular makeup trends of 2022.

The Make Up Look of 2022: Soft Glam.

As last few years took us all through a transformation, we learnt to love ourselves a lil' better, had plenty of time to take better care of our skin and went without wearing any make up for days on end. Make up took a back seat in our list of priorities as we all went to our walking-dates in matching sportswear with a bare face- and loved it! Although I didn't spend much time wearing make up, I did learn lots about organic beauty products and the rise of vegan make up brands. Once you start following new pages to learn more about make up trends you can't help but get excited to try it out. Make up still provides an extra bit of fun- and here's how I got myself back into loving make up.

A soft glam look basically just enhances your natural features. This is a style of makeup we've all seen before; the classic 'no-make up' make up look. It should be quick and easy to apply; with a soft-contour and naturally looking application. To us, soft glam make up is the new inbetween make up where you can continue to look like yourself - just with a little lippy!


How do you create the soft glam look?

Skin - most importantly 

First things first: how do you achieve that dewy, natural glow to your skin? Well, you've gotta look after it! If you want to wear a light coverage of makeup, make sure that you've got a gret skincare routine so that your skin is looking clear and fresh before you start. Before you can begin, make sure your skin is moisturised, primed and that you're wearing some SPF (yep, even in the UK!).

Primer helps to give your skin a more flawless look - as it smoothes out your pores - and create a base for your foundation. When it comes to foundation, you want to chose a foundation that has a light to medium coverage so that it keeps your skin looking natural. Make sure you've blended this (and any concealer) really well!

My move for 2021 was to swap out my foundation for a bebe cream; this is a lighter cream which is moisturising but still tinted so if you just want a light covering of foundation, this is a great option.


A soft glam look makeup should enhance your natural, flush colour. Choose a blush colour that gives you a rosie, sun-kissed cheek. From apricot to a dark rose, there is a wide range of colours that flatter your natural skin tone. Just remember: keep it subtle, don’t go too intense with the colour. Use a big, fluffy brush to blend the powder more naturally.

Now that you have the natural flush- don't forget your natural glow. A teeny, tiny bit of highlighter can brighten your face. If you have a fan-brush to hand, use this to apply a light covering of highlight to your cheek bones to grab the attention from people across the room.


Keep. It. Natural. This is particularly difficult for people who love to wear heavy eyeliner (me - totally guilty!). Whenever I recreate this soft-glam look, I avoid wearing any pencil eyeliner at all and switch the focus to a strong mascara which elongates my lashes. You can pump up the glam more by adding a sheer smokey eye; unlike your classic smokey eye, this uses a 'nude' colour palette to soften the look. Adding a shimmer of sparkle - highly recommended. 

Your eyebrows should be looking natural too- don't over draw your shape. Instead, embrace the feathered eyebrow trend- brush 'em out a little and add colour where necessary.

Lips - add the GLAM

How do you turn this ‘no make up’ look into glam makeup? Colour, drama, lipstick. A berry stained lip is what can elevate this look to give it the glam that you're looking for. Rather than wearing a full lip, a stained look can give you a pop of colour that suits this style of make. For an evening, we personally love organic-looking reds, mauve, purples- strong colours where you only have to wear a little to really make an impact. If you're wearing this during the day, you could even switch this for a lip gloss (so 90's, we love it) to really add to the dewy, fresh faced look.


Now, all we've gotta do is hope that everything stays open long enough that you have time to perfect the soft glam make up trend and have somewhere to wear it! The great thing about this make up style is that you can wear it day to day, even mid-pandemic, and just add or take away elements based on where you're headed!