Mens Chain Necklaces | Mans guide on how to pick jewellery

How To Style / 2 months ago

One of my favourite mens jewellery trends is definitely the simple chain necklace. Why? Well, we'll get to the reasons soon enough but TLDR; it's casual, understated, and well, sexy.

If you need some inspiration on how to work mens chain necklaces into your day-to-day outfits then scroll down for some insights into what you should be thinking about when styling mens jewellery.

Let's start with some general shopping advice. When you're shopping you should always have a plan. Once you know what you're looking for online shopping becomes so much easier. 

How do you style mens chain necklaces?

There’s a couple of things to consider when styling men’s chain necklaces. Let's get straight to the point: 

  1. Do you want the necklace to stand out?
  2. Would you wear a necklace above or below your top?
  3. What colour necklace are you going for?

Those are the headline quetions you need ask yourself to give you a clue about your style of chain necklace for men. Let's go through some of the things you might consider in a bit more depth before making the final decision about which type of mens neckalce to buy.

Do you want your chain to stand out? 

Necklaces for men are a great choice of accessory because it can be both subtle and bold. It's up to you about whether you want to show off the chain or not. If you want a chain to stand out pick a bold colour, thick chain or combine with a pendant. A great standout piece of jewellery would be a vintage necklace; makes for a great convo starter too.

And if so, how many chains do you want to wear?

Personally, I really like the single chain. You can wear it above a plain sweetshirt or t-shirt as a subtle accessory. But that’s just me. 

If you prefer something bold then you could think about layering a couple of mens chain necklaces together. When layering chain necklaces think about different textures, lengths and thicknesses. Keep chains in the same colour palette but make it interesting to look at by mixing and matching with the rest. You could even add a pendant to stand out more.

Above or below?

The answer to this isn't binding, of course. There are some things to consider however. If you plan to mostly wear a chain necklace above your top then I recommend going for a silver or black chain. It's much easier to style mens chain neckalces in these colours as they're easier to combine with other accessories.

If you’d prefer a chain to stand out then of course go for gold. Especially if you’re going to wear a chain under a shirt for that peak-a-boo moment. 

Now that we've covered what your style is, deciding on which colour mens chain necklace is much easier. As we said, gold chains will definitely stand out on a male model more whilst silver and black are much more subtle. That's just up to you!

Cool chain necklaces for men

So if it wasn't already clear, I'm writing this from a woman's POV. I really like chain necklaces on men because whether you choose a gold necklace with a big pendant or not, it's a standout look. Chain necklaces are a popular trend but it's not something you see every man walking down the street wearing - so it's a bit different. And definitely not hard to do. 

I really like fashion trends that are easy to adopt. Small, subtle changes like adding a chain necklace to an outfit can really elevate your style. It encourages you to try out different outfits that make sense for a chain; high neck sweatshirts, open printed shirts. Perhaps something out of your usual day-to-day looks.

You'll find shops like Philip Browne, SEVENSTORE and Bombinate are great places to start your search for mens jewellery. At BOETIEK, we always love to find cool little eco-friendly finds. Now you know what chain necklace you're looking for, you can browse through the sustainable jewellery available online (or find out more about sustainable jewellery brands).