How to wear outfits with patterned tights this season. (2022)

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If you love an all black outfit then you’re going to love this little trick. Patterned tights are the quickest way to refresh any outfit and it’s SO easy to do. Read through our article for some inspiration for outfits with patterned tights

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Patterned tights are popular (again)

If you can think back a few years, you’ll remember when patterned tights first made their way onto the scene. The trend was kicked off by designer brands, such as Gucci & Fendi, with their logomania patterned rights and this has since trickled down to the highstreet. 

Personally, I’m a huge fan of tights so this trend is welcomed by me. Tights can make your clothing seasonless so I can wear my little dresses all year round. Tights are also a really easy way to experiment with an outfit - they’re never thaaat expensive, they’re definitely versatile and when properly looked after they can last you years. If you share my passion for tights then you’ll have no problem playing around with this trend. Perhaps you’re not ready to jump right into wearing outfits with patterned tights - there are some simple ways to dip your toes into the trend.

How to wear outfits with patterned tights

Black Patterned Tights

Firstly, it’s easiest to start off with black patterned tights. The most versatile of all the tights, black tights can be worn in an endless number of combinations - and the same goes for black patterned tights. 

At one end of the spectrum, you’ll find black patterned tights with some simple line detailing and then the prints build up from there - floral, polka dot, geometric. You name it.

Is styling patterned tights any different to normal tights? Well, no. It doesn’t have to be. If you’re not quite ready to mix and match prints then just start off with black patterned tights worn with a plain skirt or dress. 

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If you're an all black outfit lover, then start there. You can keep the look casual by layering up a black skirt, jumper and black patterned tights. Like you usually would, patterned tights can be worn with boots, trainers and loafers.

When you chose sheer black patterned tights it's much easier to combine them with other colours. It makes it much easier to pair funky patterned tights with other prints. You could go for flower pattern rights with a paisley or checkered summer dress. Or polka-dot tights with a midi denim skirt. You could also experiment wearing patterned tights under a pair of jeans / trousers so you have a peak-a-boo moment.

If you want to go a step further, you could also have a look at gliterry patternes or prints that are a bit more out-there. 

Don’t over complicate it. Like putting together many outfits, it requires a bit of trial and error. And once the compliments come flowing in about how funky patterned tights are, you’ll be ready to move to the right next of teaming patterns with more patterns. 

Fishnet patterned tights

Fishnet tights are another great way to get into this trend and wear outfits with patterned tights. They're just a bit different to your usual tights; the fishnet effect provides some texture to the look and gives off a checkered print. This print acts like a 'neutral' print which means you can easily combine it with any other prints, colours and materials.

Personally, I think fishnet tights give you more freedom to create your own look as it's much easier to make combinations. You are, however, limited to wearing fishnet tights during the warmer months. Unless, like me, you went to Uni in the North.

Polkadot tights would work in a similar way too.

Coloured Patterned Tights

Like with every trend, there will be people out there ready to level up the look. We're sure this summer you're going to see plenty of coloured patterned tights. In particular, pastel colours and tie-dye versions of tights are down to be popular - and already available to order online.

I'm someone who loves colour, but even for me, this is a bold look. When styling coloured patterned tights, you have to think more carefully about what outfit you're wearing- we recommend loose fitting skirts and dresses and sticking to materias such as cotton and denim.

If you're able to match colour palettes between tights and outfit- even better. A major trend during Fashion Week was to match flower pattern tights with the same print dress. Now that might be hard to come by for you and me, but if you can find a standout colour in the flower pattern tights which you can match with, go for it. Or, choose black-back floral tights with a black-back floral dress. 

A trend that is going to creep up alongside outfits with patterned tights is colourful tights. Saturated, colourful tights are the stand-out pair of tights that are going to grap your attention whilst scrolling through your feed. To pull of this look, try colour-blocking your outfit and strolling out the door with confidence. 

Where to buy patterned tights?

There's heaps of places that you can buy patterned tights online - especially with the help of a search engine for fashion. I recently covered some of the best tights brands.

One of our favourite brands for tights is Heist who have inclusive sizes, colours and sustainable options for tights.

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