We're SO excited about this year's winter boot trends!

How To Style / 7 months ago

It’s clear that the sun didn’t fancy showing up this summer but if there’s one positive it’s that we’ve been able to get some proper mileage from our beloved boots. And as if we blinked, it’s winter all over again. Though new seasons means new trends- here are some of the top trends for boots this year. 

On BOETIEK, we can quickly scour the internet for the newest products coming out of our fav brands. We’ve done the hard work so that all you’ve gotta do is sit back and read this article about boot trends and pick your favourites from the website. We’re also here to help you make some more sustainable decisions. When it comes to boots, there are a couple of different paths that you can choose from. Are you looking for day to day ankle boots or something a little more show stopping like a pair of knee-high boots? 

Knee High Boots

Over the last year, we’ve already seen how quickly tall ankle boots came into fashion- hopefully you’re still looking for that statement pair of boots because knee high boots are back, baby! Knee high boots are just that: knee - high. You can choose whether you prefer yours with or without a heel but a personal favourite at BOETIEK are platform knee high boots. They’re chunky, definitely a statement piece and yet you can still make them feminine. Love it.

Chunky Soles

Speaking of chunky- this trend is being featured in all types of boots this season. If ‘dad sneakers’ are the summer version then chunky boots are what you need for winter. Popularised by the 90’s (and by Salvatore Ferragamo way before that) and synonymous with Docs, platform soles have manoeuvred their way into alllll of the boot trends, from ankle boot, sock boots to knee high. This winter, we’re all gonna be marching in platform boots. 

Also- it's time to swap out the usual black / brown boot for something different. Branch out! We often opt for safe colours but the boot trends for 2021 call for something different: boots in beige and white. Yes that's right. Boots come in all different colours, the most popular are tall beige-y grey boots, blue chelsea boots and olive green boots.

Lace up Mid Calf Boots

I’m not sure- did lace up boots really ever go out of fashion? Or is everyone still wearing their Dr. Martens all the time just out of necessity in the rain? Either way it seems more brands will be moving into this space. From mid-height to full knee length, you’re going to be seeing a lot more lace up boots- which you can soften with a dress/skirt combination. Fierce.

Tall Chelsea Boots

Don’t worry if you just bought yourself a pair of cowboy boots- they’re not going anywhere either! They’re just more of a summer boot, you know? Winter is all about cosy dinners and celebrating the festive season and that means an updated version of the classic Chelsea boot. The refreshed style now features a taller boot that comes up your shin- still perfect for combining with dark tights on a chilly night. 

Snow Boots

And just like hiking shoes have become popular versions of trainers, snow boots are one of the boot trends for 2021. Last year I invested in lined boots and I’ve never looked back. These boots will keep you super snug throughout the winter and ready for whatever the weather throws at you. They’re sort of cute in a cottagecore way.

So to summarise the boots trends for 2021. Look for boots that are chunky and warm- you can always bring your own feminine style to these through the outfit combo’s that you make. Think about winter florals and decorative tights. Get creative.