What wall colour goes well with white furniture?

How To Style / 7 months ago

White furniture has been a popular trend for years now. It's understandable, it's a super versatile colour, it keeps a bedroom or living room looking fresh and bright and white furniture makes a room feel more spacious as it reflects more light. So many of us have chosen white furniture to have in our homes as it makes sense all year round and easy to find matching pieces. The thing about white furniture though is that it can sometimes feel a little cold and make a room look bare. 

If you're looking for ways to bring some warmth in a room which is filled with white furniture, here are out tips.

What colour goes well with white furniture?

Your possibilities are endless when it comes combining colours with white furniture- it’s a blank, neutral colour that you can style with anything. You often find that white furniture matches well with light wooden furniture- espescially if you want to lean into the Scandi interior vibe. Well, at least that’s the home interior look I was aiming for.. until one day I realised my room looked more sterile than Scandi.

Colours that go well with white furniture

  • Grey 
  • Blue 
  • Coral 
  • Rusty brown
  • Neutral tones 
  • Sage green

If you have a minimalist home and want to maintain the clean finish to your room, the recommendation would be to match white furniture with grey walls. Grey is a sophisticated colour, it's timeless and can be quite neutral. There’s a whole spectrum of grey to choose from: light grey walls will keep the room looking fresh whilst a deeper, dark grey will definitely create impact. Once you've painted your walls your shade of grey, if the room looks a a bit flat, you can offset it by introducing some coloured accents: decorative pillows, blue vases, gold frames.

Earlier this year, Royal Blue was named as Pantone's colour of 2021. That means we're going to be seeing a lot of blue over the next few years- and we're already seeing a trend is statement blue vases and plant pots. However, when it comes to painting a wall, a lighter shade of blue is better suited to match white funiture. Pale blue tones are fresh and bright but they can also bring warmth to a room.

Sage Green
Sage green has been trending in interior design for some time now- which is great for us, as it means there's plenty of products to chose from! Sage green is similar to blue, it's fresh and bright, but it's definitely a much warmer coloure and lends its well to bigger spaces. 

Earthy Tones
If you'd like to bring warmth into a room, you can also choose from rich, earthy tones. As we've already mentioned, white furniture goes well with wooden furniture so it's no surprise that earthy tones would be well suited for your walls too. These colours pack a punch; browns, beige, coral- they can be quite deep colours that can make a room feel smaller which is why they balance out well with white furniture. In particular, rusty brown is making a come back!

Get Creative
If you're living in a rented flat and aren't able to paint white walls, you can bring warmth to a room through coloured accents. If you already have all our white furniture, you can balance out the white furniture and white walls with a few decorating pieces. Your finishing touches could be a brown throw in the living room, decorative pillows or coloured plant pots and cool candles. Making your room feel cosy doesn't need to be drastic, expensive or permanent- start with a few small pieces to find the colour scheme that suits your space the best.

More White
If you have a really good eye for interior design, you can also match your white funiture with more white. Using different shades of white across the room will bring variety and depth into your room and look super stylish. Personally, I think this takes some serious skill! For the novice interior designers amongst us, it's much easier to introduce a very pale colour to your white walls so that it balances out the bright white furniture.