Pick one of these women’s jacket trends for winter.

How To Style / 5 months ago

As we say goodbye to our non-existent summer, it's time to dig deep to the back of your wardrobe to find your scarves, gloves and outerwear for the winter. This year, the pandemic hasn't given you the excuse of avoiding the trip out in the rain so make sure you're prepared with these women's jacket trends for the weather that is coming for you - snow in November. Mad!!


leather blazers for women

(Faux) Leather Blazers

It's been a minute since the leather jacket was considered a must-have trend, right?? We propbably all have a leather jacket somewhere in your wardrobe but this year the trend has been refreshed. As trends evolve you'll find they often overlap. This year, we're leaning into the rise of blazers and so the leather blazer is the numbero uno women's jacket trend for winter. 

Leather jackets aren't really that eco-friendly but I feel like vintage leather is having a bit of a moment anyway. You'll be able to find a vintage leather blazer tucked away in a trendy second-hand shop, but if you would prefer something new, have a look out for upcycled leather or faux versions. 

Layered Blazers 

The oversized boyfriend blazer is a look that we’ve loved for a long time now. If you follow any Influencers on Instagram then you've probably already seen 430 ways to style the oversized blazer. This year, beige and brown are the colours of the season so find yourself a blazer somewhere on the spectrum for a more wintery feeling.

Puffer jacket: back once again

For some reason I'm surprised that puffer jackets come back into style every year. I have no idea why because it's actually fashion to wrap yourself in a duvet and walk the streets. LOVE that. Each time puffer jackets come back they have a little tweak made to them that make them all the more trendy. This year you've got two options: long line puffer jackets or the padded quilted jacket. 

Trench Coats

Not strictly a jacket but who cares. Trench coats are a great option to wear with lots of layers and they are uuuuber trendy right now. Beige obviously is one of the most popular colour to style this coat but we actually love to see alt colours. From a bold checked print to a dirty(?) navy, chosing another colour for this year will make you stand out.

Shearling Jackets

something that started to emerge last winter and most recognisable by the Patagonia version is the shearling jacket. It's sort of the modern version of the teddy coat- but short. Shearling on outerwear will continue to be popular this year too but hard to imagine it being super practical in rain weather. But it'll deffo be warm!