10x popular eco-friendly streetwear brands for men.

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You feel that? That's the winter's sun finally back. We've made it through the darkest months and now it's time once again to think about what you're wearing underneath that big heavy coat. A favourite menswear style of ours, that is here to stay, is streetwear. Streetwear is inherently trendy. It's all about what's cool right now. It’s about the perfect combination of the humble t-shirt and jeans. And it’s so attainable by all men out there.

Streetwear is pretty much all about attitude. It’s an effortlessly cool look. At its core, it’s just about wearing good quality basics and finishing off the look with a couple of accessories and your own confidence. To pull off the look, all you probably need is a few tweaks to the men's wardrobe you already own.Swap your hoodie for a high neck jumper. Straight leg over tapered. Vintage over new. Once you have your perfect formula worked out, it’s a winning look every damn time. 

Eco-friendly streetwear | Veja trainers

What is streetwear and how to wear it?

The streetwear style has been with us since the 90s and has been finessed every year. To put it plainly, streetwear is really about elevating casual outfits for men. Over time, streetwear has developed its own little sub-factions and the most popular is athleisurewear streetwear, which is why you've seen a rise in joggers and sweatshirts. Between athleisurewear and streetwear there's a happy medium which is the kind of fashion that you can wear everyday. Streetwear is a new way to wear fashion you’re already used to wearing every day: trainers, straight-leg trousers and denim. 

Here are some guidelines to think about when styling your streetwear looks

  • Pick good quality materials
  • Think loose fit and not baggy 
  • Start with your shoes and work upwards
  • Subtle logos and detailing

To get you started, here are some tips for our favourite popular streetwear brands when it comes to eco-friendly streetwear for men. 

  • Pangaia
  • Percival
  • Masson & Green
  • Bombinate
  • Represent Manchester
  • Unrecorded
  • Patagonia
  • COW
  • Colorful Standard
  • Veja

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Eco-friendly Streetwear Brands


No streetwear collection is complete without a jumper and some joggers- a brand that has aced this is PANGAIA. Increasingly popular with Influencers, PANGAIA is an inclusive brand that cares for the planet. The collection eco-friendly streetwear is made using innovative materials and recycled fibres to produce some of the cleanest hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers out there. Their range of earthy tones would be perfect to wear under a denim jacket. I can’t fault the designs for these wardrobe essentials. 


A brand that has got the balance of quirky and cool just right is Percival. Would you describe Percival as streetwear? No, not really. But within their collection of menswear there’s definitely pieces that would be a great foundation to your streetwear wardrobe.Think straight leg trousers, slightly cropped. Boxy worker jackets and embroidered tees. This British brand has elevated casual outfits for men and deserves a top spot here.

Masson & Green

A recent addition to streetwear style is the long sleeve polo. Hear me out, streetwear is about elevating the fashion that you already wear. Instead of wearing your usual jumper, why not wear a long sleeve polo? It’s something different to your usual jeans and jumper look - and Masson & Green are the British, sustainable brand who are doing it well.


Represent manchester

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Unrecorded is one of my new favourite brands for men- it’s my go-to recommendation for my friends when they’re looking for something new. Unfortunately this isn’t an English brand but instead can be found on our sister site in Amsterdam. Firstly, unrecorded are super sustainable. Their range is made from organic materials and produced in Portugal. But when it comes to clean, minimalist basics, Unrecorded got everything right. High quality, classic designs, great materials. 


It’s an obvious one but we’d be amis not to mention the king of all sustainable brands: Patagonia. With the right choices, Patagonia quickly becomes a streetwear brand that you can wear day and night. For us, it’s the range of fleeces. The fleece jackets that are so popular right now were popularised by Patagonia and would be a great addition to any sustainable streetwear wardrobe.


One of our favourite things about casual outfits for men is that vintage can be a big part of the look. COW is a curated vintage shop that you’ll find in any big cities across the UK. It’s always great to know what type of vintage shop you’re walking into- if you like their style it’ll be much easier to find pieces that’ll suit. Although COW can be quite big on their colours, you’ll also usually find a great range of oversized branded shirts and straight leg jeans. Perfect for that streetwear look. Eco-friendly streetwear doesn't mean that you need to buy new brands, you can also find sustainable gems in vinatge shops. 

Colorful Standard

If you want to mix up your range of basics, another great sustainable brand is Colorful Standard. Unfortunately not a British brand but Colorful Standard do produce all their clothes close by in Portugal. Colorful Standard is a brand that believes in slow, seasonsless fashion which is why they're a great basis for casual outfits for men. Similar to PANGAIA, they have all the comfy essentials you need to bridge the gap between athleisurewear and streetwear.


When you’re styling mens streetwear, shoes are a big part of the look and which is why trainers are booming right now. That’s great for us- it’s normalised wearing trainers more regularly.. When it comes to streetwear, the trainers you should look out for should be more technical, dad sneakers. Veja wasn’t a brand that typically created this style of shoe but they’re slowly moving into the space. Sustainable trainers. What’s not to love??

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Creating solid looking casual outfits for men shouldn’t be difficult. You just need to have the basics to build a look onto. Find yourself some neutral oversized tees that you can combine with a shirt, fleece or cap in the summer. Build eco-friendly menswear into your wardrove over time and slowly say goodbye to fast fashion. Think about styles that you can wear for years to come; eco-friendly streetwear is a slow trend that can form a solid basis for your wardrobe.