Shop small this holiday period.

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The sale activity online has reached peak activity which can only mean one thing- the holiday period is upon us! We know, it can be really hard to ignore back against all the constant discount that pop up on your screen- but this festive season why not put your Christmas pennies towards local, independent and sustainable brands??

How can you shop small this Christmas?

We've all learnt a lot from this pandemic. Loungewear is an essential. Saying hi with an elbow bumps will always look lame. Stay at home whenever you've got the flu. Most improtantly we learnt it's important to support those closest to you, including the indy retailers. Through shopping locally you're more likely to discover unique and thoughtful presents for your loved ones. You give back to your local economy. You shop with the environment in mind. You make us all do a little happy dance after every sale. 

To find out more about independet retailers near you have a look at one of the following: 

  • Independent Retailer Guides
  • Local markets 
  • Christmas Markets
  • Etsy 
  • Trouva - Independent boutiques
  • Atterley

Find independent retailers online

Finding Independent Retailers

In most big cities you’ll find that the independent retailers have formed alliances. By checking out websites such as Indie York, Birmingham Originals and BOETIEK (cheeky plug) you'll find out more about what's going on in your city and how you can #shoplocal online and offline.

Independent retailers by city

Top Christmas Markets UK

Pop up Christmas markets

As we head into the festive period, you'll find that your usual Sunday markets have been redecorated to fit the festival theme. An absolutely fabulous excuse for a day out, Christmas Markets up and down the country have started their season and the indy brands come out in full force to sell their festive treats. Dotted between the stands for mulled wine you'll find cool and quirky gifts, every flavour of cheese and whooole lotta fudge.

Alongisde the sprawling Christmas markets you'll find even more unique offerings. For an extra bit of holiday good-doing you can find have a peak around markes that are supporting charities, crafts, sustainability or even fellow women. The Matriarch Market is Liverpool's newest Indy market. They support all womxn-owned, indepdenent business in the area - and now you can too!

Top Christmas Markets UK 

soap from local boutiques

How do I find local small businesses online?

Just because you chose to shop small this year, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to traipse around town in the rain, no no. This is 2021 and almost everyone's realised that their online marketing activity needs to be as strong as their offline offering. If you're already spend some time clicking through Indie sites and reading blogs about hotspots in city X, then it's time discover our online boutique. We're creating an online shopping platformf or independent retailers and emerging brands. Whether you're looking fashion, home accessories or even beauty- we're building the full catalogue of new and exciting brands for your to discover. Check out the out the marketplace!



Happy Holidays X