How to stop tights laddering? Well, stop buying cheap tights.

Where To Buy / 4 months ago

There’s a lot of shit that womxn have to put up with in the world. Unequal pay, unfair beauty standards, buying tampons, 'luxury' razors and right down at the bottom of that list there’s this: laddering tights. Always a disappointing moment when you feel the ladder begin and you know it’s happening all over again.

Ok, I’m making light of our daily struggles and perhaps being a bit melodramatic about the faff endured by tights that won’t stop laddering. But... they won’t. stop. laddering. It’s taken me a couple of years, but I think I finally have the answer for how to stop tights laddering.

stop laddering tights

How do you stop tights laddering?

We all know the tricks for how to stop tights laddering: a little clear nail polish, air drying, hand washing- some have even suggested that you pop them in the freezer. We all have our own old wives tales on how to prevent tights from laddering. But tell me, has it ever worked for you??

After a quick rudimentary search, it seems the average cost for a pair of tights is between £6-10. I looked at places where you can conveniently pick up some tights: Boots, supermarkets, M&S and even Primark. You know that you can pick up tights in convenient places because they always let you down at inconvenient moments. Why do we keep doing it?

I had a quick check with my co-founder sitting next to me. We decided that we buy a new pair of £6-10 tights at least 3 or 4 times a year. And that adds up.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of expensive tights. They were around the £30 mark. Initially, I was shocked at the price.

£30?! You could buy 4 or 5 pairs of tights with that... What’s so different about these tights???

And then it hit me - some years later. I had never seen any signs of laddering. No little holes. No discoloration. No loss of tighty-ness. These tights were almost as good as new and I’ve had them for literally years. 

Then I made a decision that I felt like I needed to share with the world in the form of a blog. No more cheap tights. No more tights laddering.


The best tights for women

Ok, so maybe my tale was a little OTT. This is my very first world problem but I’m sure it’s shared by many of you out there too. I’m all about the solutions here at BOETIEK. So you probably know where you can buy bad tights but where can you buy the best tights for women?

I did a bit of research and created a list of some of the best tights for women. I looeked at price, durability, sustainability and availability. When looking for something like this online, it's always a good idea to have a quick look at the brands' reviews online to see how other women have experienced their tights. 

Best tights for women:

  • Heist 
  • Sheertex
  • Hedoine
  • Dear Denier

What originally drew me to Heist tights was the range of coloured tights available. Being mixed race and spending time living in the UK, I always struggled to find 'nude' tights that were my tone so it was refreshing to see a brand dedicated to creating a range of nude coloured tights. Heist tights are also high waisted and have a waist-band, which I just found is really comfortable. 

Another well rated tights brand is Hedoine. A quick look at their website and you'll see that this brand was built by women for women. How do you create branding around something like tights?? Well, Hedoine have seemed to do this well through their tone and cheek attitude throughout the whole site. Loved it!

tights are comfortable

Tights are comfortable

Why have I banged on about tights for the last 500+ words? Well, I love ‘em. Tights are comfortable. They’re so versatile and perfect for so many occasions. Tights make you feel good too. 

Tights can be worn casually. Just put together a cute floral dress, black tights and boots. It's a classic look that can easily be tweaked for winter or summer. Tights can also be worn when you're headed out; they can help make the modern womxn feel flirty and fun with a mini skirt and some heeled boots. You could even swicth classic tights with a pair of patterned tights for a more modern and unique styling.

Tights are comfortable to wear throughout the winter. If you get the right denier, they can definitely keep you warm whilst you're out and about. And if you get caught in the rain, they will even dry faster than a pair of jeans. Tights can make you feel comfortable in the summer too - a light denier of tights will keep you feeling covered up if you're not really comfortable having bear legs.

Clearly tights for women are some sort of passion of mine. Well actually, I'm so prone to ripping my tights that I just decided something needed to be done about it. I looked online for lots of different ways to stop tights laddering when actually I had the solution tucked away in my underwear drawer this whole time. Tights aren't something fun or exciting that you really want to invest your own money into - but in the long run it's much more cost effective and sustainable to own a pair of the best tights for women, than to keep having to buy new ones all the time!