Where can I buy organic cotton t-shirts online?

Where To Buy / 9 months ago

Have you seen some of the horror stories about the impact fashion is having on the environment? Perhaps you just want to re-build your wardrobe with some more environmentally friendly fabrics. Ok, where to start?

There’s a huge amount of information out there on the big bad web- how handy would it be if you could scroll through an easy-to-read blog with some suggestions on where you can buy organic cotton t-shirts online?

Um, hey!


If you’re building a sustainable wardrobe then organic cotton t-shirts are a great step in the right direction. Organic cotton essentially means that the material was grown without the synthetic additives or pesticides and wasn’t genetically modified. For the environment, organic cotton is better for replenishing and maintaining soil fertility and promotes biologically diverse agriculture- great right!

So what do you know about popular organic cotton t-shirt brands out there?

  • Know the Origin

When the Rana Plaza collapsed in 2013, killing 1100 workers, the world woke up to the reality of the fashion industry. This brand was born from the tradegy that occured in Pakistan, determined to support people and planet through products, they want to make sure that buying ethical fashion is just as easy as a fast-fashion fix. What we love is that the KTO range of organic t-shirts are modern, cool and affordable. Often shopping sustainably can come with a high price tag but this brand really feels like an easy one to relate to!

  • nu-in

Another brand driven by making sustainable fashion affordable, nu-in are trying to prove to the world that both can co-exist. What is great about sustainable brand these days is that they all have a great modern feel. nu-in is really a contemporary brand, designing for the modern person. A quick browse through the nu-in catalogue you'll notice you wear all the latest trends in a sustainable alternative! So it's goodbye Zara, hello nu-in!

  • Organic Basics

When I first started shopping for sustainable fashion, I wanted to make sure I was buying things that I could use over and over again. That's why I think Organic Basics deserves a spot on this list. If you're looking for eco-friendly, ethically made basics, it's the brand for you. Classic tee's in a variety of styles, short or long sleeve in plain and easy to wear colours. The brand does exactly what it says on the tin!

  • Stella McCartney

If you know a thing or two about luxury fashion, you'll know they're notoriously bad at being sustainable. Brands create limited collections and brand them as reducing waste whilst on the other side of the coin, brands are burning their stock to protect their reputation. However, there is one gal out there doing the good fight: Stella McCartney. As a life-long vegetarian, Stella McCartney never uses any animal products as part of her designs which I guess lends itself well to being a sustainable designer. If you're searching for a high fashion x sustainable collection, Stella McCartney brings just that.

Obviously, when it comes to sustainable fashion it isn’t always as clear cut as good or bad. So on the basis of presenting fair info: on the flip-side, using organic cotton rquires much more land and water and generates less products. So actually, the best thing you can do is make sure you look after any clothes you buy as best as possible so they can live a little longer!

When buying organic cotton t-shirts, make sure it’s something you are going to love in your wardrobe for some time. That’s why we recommend building up your basics, clothes that you can always come back to, as creating them in the first place has a cost on the environment. It’s also important to look after your clothes well- which means washing them less and leaving them to hang to dry.

You can, and should, mix and match your sustainable wardorbe! Don't stop at organic cotton t-shirts, you can also browse through fashion made from recycled materials, sustainable jewellery choices and many more sustainable options - all available on BOETIEK!