What is the best natural hand cream?

Conscious / 8 months ago

For over a year now, everytime I walk into any shop I have been asked to squirt hand sanitizer onto my hands before entering. Fair is fair, we want to make sure we’re removing any trace of the C-word from spreading- but this has done some serious damage to my hands. Now I’m on a mission to discover the best hand cream online and preferably, I’d like to buy a natural hand cream.

When I choose a good natural hand cream, first I take a look at the list of ingredients to make sure I know what I’m about to rub into my skin. This usually takes a bit of time digging through the internet to find out more about organic beauty products, so afterwards, I put my detective work to work and write an article about it. Here is what I found out about the best hand creams available online.


BOETIEK’s Top 5 Natural Hand Creams

No surprises here: The Body Shop. Here is an example of a brand that has delivered on natural skincare products for years! The Body Shop have grown to be a global brand and yet stuck to their core of using nature-inspired ingredients without chemical modification. As a high-street brand, there’s always room for improvement - packaging, emissions - but coupled with their stance on being cruelty free products it makes the Body Shop a great affordable option for a good natural hand cream.

Personally, I think that the best hand cream is one that I can easily carry around; I like to have a few little tubes of hand cream in different bags so that I can grab a pot of liquid gold at a moment’s notice. Queue: Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees have a really great selection of travel size natural hand creams. Their core value is that we’re all a part of nature so we need to make the effort to give back- which they do through water restoration projects and re-wilding efforts. I first fell in love with this brand when I tried their lip moisturiser and have been hooked ever since. 

Now, if you’re open to spending some serious $$$ on your beauty products, one of the best reviewed natural hand creams - that is on the pricey side - is Aesop. The larger pot of hand cream is an eye-watering 80EU per pot, but perrrfect to show off in your guest bathroom (it’s very Instagram-chique). Saying that, it’s a lightweight moisturiser that is nourishing and really leans into the organic vibe by incorporating forestry-citrus notes into the cream. It is truly lovely to use! FYI, there is a more affordable tube available.

If you are someone who loves the smell of your hand cream, our advice would be to choose from the Grown Alchemist range. Not only are these hand creams organic but just after hearing what they’re called, they sounded delicious: vanilla and orange peel, sweet almond and safe- are these hand creams that we can eat too?? The range is a little on the luxe side but when it comes to shopping for organic products the price tag always tends to be a little higher. 

Our last recommendation for best hand cream is Origins. This brand, part of the Estee Lauder empire, is dedicated to harnessing the power of plants to create great quality skincare. Origins has the full range of hand care products which means if you’re looking for a more specialised hand cream, perhaps extra-nourishing or anti-aging, you’ll have a wider variety of natural hand creams available to you.

Hand creams are one of my favourite products to experiment with. They are true decadence - which makes for a great gift - but also nice to treat yourself too from time to time. I have started to pay way more attention to the products I put onto my skin which is why it’s time to start investing in products such as natural hand creams and vegan make up brands- because in the long run it’ll be better for people and the planet. Check out the full range of natural hand creams available on BOETIEK!