Get to know more about the best sustainable jewellery brands.

Conscious / 4 months ago

Jewellery has quite a complicated background. It’s sometimes hard to know exactly where your jewellery comes from, especially when gemstones are part of the design, the supply chain can get a bit murky.

Jewellery is an accessory that we can and do cherish for a long time. Whether it's an addition to your own wardrobe or a thoughtful gift, there are many possibilities to match up your values to a sustainable jewellery brand.

When it comes to buying sustainable jewellery, people and the planet go hand in hand on this one. If you want to shop for eco-friendly jewellery online then you need to know more about where your jewellery was made too. Like with the rest of fashion, the momentum to know more about sustainable jewellery is growing- but what does it really mean?

In reality, the term ‘sustainable jewellery’ is used to describe quite a broad spectrum. Not only does it cover the materials used in designs but also the conditions in which the jewellery was made. Sustainable jewellery could be: made from recycled materials, hand-crafted where the workers are paid a fair wage, made from fair trade materials, ethical jewellery or even vintage.

Through buying sustainable jewellery, you could be addressing some or all of the issues below:

  • The ways the metals and gemstones are mined.
  • Where the materials were sourced to ensure they’re conflict free
  • The working conditions where the jewellery was made
  • Chemicals used to finish jewellery
  • The use of recycled materials or gemstones 


Sustainable Jewellery Brands

There are a growing number of eco-friendly jewellery brands out there. Below is a quick run through some of the brands you can find on BOETIEK and others available out on the web.

Ottoman Hands

Contemporary • Gold

This British jewellery brand designs contemporary and fun gold jewellery. Ottoman Hands blends influences from West and East into their handcrafted pieces - each made from 21ct gold plated brass and semi-precious stones. The Ottoman Hands creations are a fun mixture of colour and gold where geometric shapes are designed around each of the unique stones. 

BAR Jewellery

BARJEWLLERY describe themselves as elegant and we couldn’t agree more. However, BAR have put a really modern twist on elegance and their collection of abstract earrings are particularly interesting. 

BAR aspire to use sustainable materials in their designs which is why their materials either come from European suppliers who are a members of the RJC or recycled materials in Bali. This is a unique brand and positive, ethical and sustainable practices are central to the brand ethos. 


Luxury Jewellery 

MATILDE is a luxury sustainable jewellery brand. The designs are inspired by the movement of the body and elements. Delicate chains and flowing designs. The cool thing about MATILDE is that they use 100% recycled gold and Lab-Grown Diamonds in all their pieces (find out more about lab-grown diamonds soon). 

PI London 

Statement rings  Vintage Jewellery

One of a kind, vintage jewellery. PI London was born out of a passion by founder Isobel who is on a mission to make antique jewellery more accessible. The most sustainable way to shop is to buy pre-owned. Many of these pieces are antiques which means they are also unique. Spanning different periods from the past, there is an eclectic mixture of styles to be found through PI London. 

A piece of jewellery can often be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. A statement pair of earrings or a pendant necklace can elevate a look. For years we have become accustomed to how affordable jewellery can be which means you can pick up the trends as easily as you throw them away. Fast-fashion has played it’s part in fast moving jewellery trends which have used up the planet’s resources; designed to be discarded after a few wears. As we learn more about sustainable jewellery brands, we can make educated decisions about what eco-friendly jewellery to invest in.
Now your statement earrings really do make a statement - start to upgrade your jewellery collection with eco-friendly and people friendly pieces.