11 of the best vegan makeup brands available online.

Conscious / 4 months ago

Everyday we learn something new about the products we consume. Recently, I’ve become more interested in finding out about the best vegan makeup brands. Probably like many of us, I was so used to popping into the local Boots to pick up whatever makeup I needed- and then I became quite brand loyal. I know what I like, and as a mixed race gal, once I found the right shades for my skin I wasn’t letting go. So why would I make the switch?

If you’re vegetarian, flexitarian or spend any time with vegetarians, you’ll know that animal byproducts sneak into many places you wouldn’t expect. Or perhaps one day you looked down and noticed that your beer was labelled as vegetarian and thought, WTH?!

Well much like beer, wine and marshmallows, animal ingredients are also used in your makeup. I’ve already made the switch for most products in my life and now it was time to look for alternatives for my makeup. Have you reached that point too? Check out the round up of some of the vegan makeup brands available online.

vegan beauty products

Vegan Beauty Products

Quick recap- what makes vegan beauty products, well, vegan? Vegan makeup describes makeup that has been created without any animal products or byproducts. It can be pretty tricky to find brands that are truly vegan because there are no third party certifications to do any fact-checking. It’s also tough to find brands that are totally committed to being vegan- as sometimes certain products still use products such as honey. With all that said, the number of vegan beauty products is certainly on the rise which makes it easier for you to find - especially online.

Unlike vegan beauty products, it’s easy to spot makeup that’s cruelty free. Any products that have a Leaping Bunny certification shows you that the product - nor the ingredients - were tested on animals and it's been checked. Many vegan brands are usually makeup that’s cruelty free but that isn’t always the case the other way around. 

Vegan makeup brands


We’re sure this brand is not new to you. You can pretty much find e.l.f in any Boots/Superdrug type shop. It’s super affordable, accessible, cruelty-free and yep, it’s vegan. E.l.f have you covered for any makeup you need. Sometimes it costs you more to make eco-friendly choices but not with this brand- e.l.f has you covered with affordable, vegan makeup.


Moving up the price scale a little, Hourglass is the luxury vegan brand of choice. Since their launch in 2004 Hourglass has been a cruelty free brand but they made the switch to being a vegan beauty brand in 2017 and by 2020 they were 100% vegan. It’s great to see a brand rethink their priorities and make the changes needed. Hourglass are best known for their range of luxurious foundations with a diverse range of foundation types and skin tones.


Are you already familiar with this modern brand? Exa are driven by creating sustainable, clean beauty products. The brand is inspired by nature and the power of natural ingredients- so I guess they’re vegan by DEFINITION. Again, best known for their organic face makeup, Exa have an impressive range of shades for all their products. Just after a quick scan of the reviews you’ll be feeling their energy- a light, durable and glowy foundation for fresh looking skin. 

Tower 28

Another clean beauty advocate, Tower 28 is best for people with sensitive skin. If you have to be careful about what makeup you use then definitely take a look at Tower 28 for a vegan alternative. The range isn't huge but we're sure that you'll find the basics you need to start building your collection of vegan cosmetics.

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KVD Vegan Beauty 

From clean beauty we head to the bold. KVD Vegan Beauty is a brand making a statement- the whole vibe is mysterious and sexy. A brand built out of a tattoo studio, the brand oozes a fearless spirit and leans into that playfulness with it’s products, such as their ‘Tattoo liner: cat eyes for a cause.’ If you’re looking for unique makeup that’s cruelty free, KVD Vegan beauty is for you. The range includes bold blue lippy, purple lip liner and eye makeup galoooore.

Dear Dahlia

If purple lipstick isn’t for you then maybe something a little more traditional could be. Dear Dahlia is a vegan makeup brand that believes in timeless, classic beauty. The branding itself looks as delicatea s the flower it's named after and we're sure it's going to look good sitting on your dressing table. Best known for their lovely lipsticks in every shade of neutral-pink you can dream of.

Beauty Bakerie

One for my POC. Beauty Bakerie is a black, female owned business that has been running for 10 years now. As you can imagine, the branding is designed to be sickly sweet and the products are adorable little slices of joy. Despite the cutesy design, the woman behind this brand is fiiierce and battled with cancer whilst building this mahooosive vegan brand. Beauty Bakerie is best known for their foundation range which comes in 30 shades and made with oily skin in mind. 

vegan beauty products


Aaand to another playful vegan beauty brand, 3INA. This brand is built on self-expression and makeup that’s cruelty free. A brand that isn’t too expenny either, it’s a great choice for when you want to branch out of your usual every-day makeup for something a bit different. This brand is best known for their use of colour, it's giving me very ~ next gen ~ vibes. If you're some who likes to use colourful eyeliner and says no thank you to the traditional cat-eye wing, then 3INA is for you.


A brand that’s been on my radar for sometime now is ILIA - their products have such a clean and stylish design that makes them so Insta-friendly. The brand, their designs and products ooze clean beauty. Not only are they 

Inika Organic

Inika Organic have been hard at work creating high performance make for the future. Yes, it’s organic and ‘free from nasties’ but it also delivers on the coverage required from good quality makeup. Inika sits on the pricier side of vegan and organic makeup and is best for mature skin.

Wet n Wild

If you love fun makeup brands that have puns throughout all their product names, you’ve found your vegan alternative: Wet n Wild. Another brand that has you covered for all that good stuff, easy to use and apply and with a little smirk everytime you look at the label. Although there was some hearsay as to whether the brand was actually cruelty free, PETA themselves squashed that with a statement. This another accessible and affordable vegan makeup brand.

And really, this is just the start of the number of vegan makeup brands you can find out there. Hopefully we've got you covered with a few different options that suit your style and personality and opened you up to more organic beauty choices. Makeup can be an easy extension of you personal look so finding a makeup brand that matches your values totally makes sense. Through BOETIEK, you can discover new brands and find out more about how you can make conscious decisions through your consumption. We're all doing it one step at time!