Hey, is it time that you bought yourself a proper briefcase yet? Do you still show up to meetings with a backpack or shoulder bag? Well, maybe it's time to step up your game a little. We get it, a briefcase can feel stuffy but there's a modern way to wear the look without you feeling like you're fresh out the 50's. Traditional leather briefcases will always be a classic but choose something with a modern finish, like exposed stitching or sharp corners. You could find a really trend briefcase that's made from a more unusual material, such as puffer-looking nylon. It's still a traditional look to turn up with a briefcase but you are definitely encouraged to inject your own style into social norms. If you prefer something with a strap, perhaps a satchel might be better suited to you. And if all else fails, we still think that you can go to a 9-5 job with a leather backpack. It's a grown up version of yourself.

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