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Bum bags

Bum bag, fanny pack, crossbody bag- whatever you wanna call it. They're back. They're cool. You should get one too. Full disclosure, my bum bag is my go-to, everyday, ride or die bag that I own. There are few reasons why I would need to switch to any other type of bag at this point and you betcha I'm gonna tell you exactly why. Like the cool kids, I wear my bum bag across my shoulder so it sits snuggly under my arm. It's the perfect size for everything that I need on a day to day basis, and nothing more. Phone, cardholder, gloves (or on a rare occasion sunnies). It's close to me so that I don't have to fumble around in a handbag looking for things. It's lightweight, it's versatile, and it's cyclist friendly. Mine is actually a leather Mat&Nat bumbag so it looks like normal bag too. I got caught up in the bum bag trend whilst wearing them to festivals and then made the step up to everyday life too. They're honestly a great choice fo bag if you're someone who just wants to carry around the bare minimum and always has a handbag ready to go. I highly recommend.

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