Clutches are the perfect party bags for people who are invited to luxury parties and galas. The envelope bag is often so small you can only fit your most important items in there, like a phone, card and keys (so no room for roll-up flip flops). In that sense, clutches would also be great for something like a wedding- where you can set your bag down at the table and forget all about it whilst you dance the night away. The value of a clucth is that doesn't interrupt with your outfit, so it's not pulling on the shoulder of your top whilst you glide through the entrance - can you feel the fantasy?? Clutches can be a really cool accessory to go wild with. It's not often you're at an event where you can take your clutch so make it a statement. And nothing says statement piece like a designer vintage clutch and on BOETIEK you can find loads of 'em. From traditional leather clutches to fuschia pink, find the clutch that you want to love forever.

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