Women's crossbody bags

Shop trendy crossbody bags for women through BOETIEK, the online boutique. Through our marketplace you'll find an impressive range of women's bags from desinger vintage bags to local indepdent brands. In your search for the perfect everyday bag there's a couple of things to pay attention to. A crossbody bag needs to be the right size to fit all of your essentials. There's no point in getting an everday bag that doesn't fit you phone, purse, keys and these days.. hand santizer. Secondly, a crossbody bag is something that you want to take you from day to night- it needs to be versatile. Yes, it could be a standout piece but look for muted tones so that you can dress it up appropriately. Thirdly, quality is key. If this is a bag that you want to be using regularly, we recommend that you spend a lil' more so that it looks fresh month on month. There's nothing worse than when you realise your bag's looking worn out when you rock up to brunch. Even if you buy a vintage crossbody bag, make sure you give it a little love so that you can love it for years to come!

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