Shoulder bags

Shop shoulder bags online at the online boutique, BOETIEK. Compare trendy crossbody bags for your favourite colour, brand and price through the marketplace. If you're looking for an everyday bag, a small sized shoulder bag is the ideal choice and is easy to carry everywhere with you. You can easily sling a crossbody bag on your shoulder as you head out the door and know you've got room for all the essential items you need day to day. For an everyday bag, you could play it safe in black or brown but look out for some decorative finish touches such as studs or tassles to make it more interesting. If you need to carry more, like a laptop or water bottle, then a deeper shoulder bag could be for yo - have a look at the range of bucket bags instead. There's lots to explore on BOETIEK - we say it boutique in English - from vintage shoulder bags to quirky denim shoulder bags.

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