Weekend bags

Need a new weekend bag? Lucky you! From trendy holdalls to mini-wheelies that are perfect for a weekend away, we've got you covered at BOETIEK. Weekend bags are tricky because they need to be really functional but you want it to look fun- it's an exciting moment to be heading away for the weekend, why shouldn't your bag reflect that?! Tbh, I really love a traditional leather weekend bag for men because it's sleek, trendy and just a classic look. Personally, I prefer my weekend bag to be made of canvas so that I can stuff as much spare stuff in there that I might need. Bougie AF but I don't go away without my Longchamp weekend bag, it's the perfect size and purple, but does mean that I have to carry it on my shoulder everywhere I go. Are you more a wheelie type of person? It's understandable- then you know can stroll down the trainstation without having to break a sweat. Find the weekend bag that makes the most sense for you by scrolling through the products available on our online boutique, BOETIEK.

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