Women's earrings

Find your new favourite earrings through BOETIEK - the online boutique. Women’s earrings can be really versatile and a quick and easy way to elevate an outfit. If you’re wearing a simple top and jeans to work that you want to make night-time appropriate a bold pair of earrings will do just the trick! That’s what we love about earrings- there are so many different ways to wear earrings that can really change your overall outfit. From day to day earrings to statement pieces, there’s lots to discover through BOETIEK. We’re connected to sustainable jewellery brands, independent earring makers and emerging brands. 

Hoop earrings for women

Hoop earrings have had lots of different moments over the last few years. From the good, and the bad, hoop earrings for women can really make a statement for an outfit. If you prefer your earrings to be less in your face, then some mini-to-medium hoop earrings could be the perfect balance for you. Hoop earrings are great because they do provide some movement to an outfit without being too heavy. You can wear them in both a casual and dressed up setting by carefully selecting the top or t-shirt to pair them with. However, don’t be afraid to be bold with an oversized pair of hoop earrings. If you choose to wear some large hoop earrings then let them do the talking. Wear your hair up in a messy pony to bring a relaxed vibe to the overall look.

Gold stud earrings for women

If you prefer to wear different statement jewellery, such as a bold necklace, then pair it with some gold stud earrings. Gold stud earrings for women don’t have to be plain or boring. Through BOETIEK, you’ll find a variety of interesting shapes of gold stud earrings to buy. Brands, such as Missoma, have put a modern twist of gold earrings which we love! 

Sale on earrings

When you’re shopping for jewellery online, you’re almost guaranteed to find some sales on earrings. When shopping on BOETIEK it’s easy to quickly scan through a number of different jewellery shops online, where you can easily compare prices, and hopefully find the perfect pair of earrings on sale. Just remember- shop responsibly when shopping for products on sale!   

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