Sustainable necklaces

Discover new sustainable necklaces and jewellery brands through our online boutique, BOETIEK. Necklaces are one of our top pieces of jewellery for men, women and folk. We love necklaces because they’re an easy to wear piece of jewellery that can quickly elevate any look. Necklaces can also be really versatile once you invest in some essential pieces, such as gold chains. When building up your jewellery collection it’s great to invest in sustainable necklaces that you know you’re going to wear over and over again! There’s so many sustainable necklaces to scroll through on our online boutique- it’s time to discover something new!

Eco friendly necklace

How do you know you’re buying an eco-friendly necklace? When it comes to sustainable jewellery, it’s really important that there’s a transparent supply chain as it can be a bit murky. Mining gold and gemstones has a damaging effect on the environment and biodiversity close by so the best eco friendly necklace you can buy is one that is made from recycled materials. Designers are getting really creative about where they source their recycled materials and that can be seen in their products too. And if you’re in doubt- you can always buy a vintage necklace!

Ethical gold necklace

Ethical jewellery is when everyone involved has been paid a fair wage. From mining to manufacturing, it’s important that the whole supply chain has been paid fairly, working in safe conditions and without conflict - so if you find cheap gold necklaces and you think it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Generally speaking, brands that are focused on producing sustainable necklaces are designing ethical jewellery, as the two outlooks go hand in hand with one another.  

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