Women's necklaces

My favourite of all the accessories out there: women’s necklaces. Here’s why. Firstly, women’s necklaces are so versatile and suuuper easy to wear. You can wear a necklace with literally every type of outfit and every type of occasion. And it doesn’t have to be complicated! All you really need is to invest in a few key necklaces that you can mix and match depending on the outfit you want to wear. Through BOETIEK, the online boutique, you’ll have the chance to discover a huge number of women’s necklaces as we’re connected to boutiques, independent brands and sustainable jewellers up and down the country.

Chains for women

Chains for women was a recent trend that quickly solidified itself as an essential piece of women’s jewellery. Why? Well, on it’s own a delicate gold chain is a sophisticated and modern piece of jewellery to wear. On top of that, you can also easily stack chains with other necklaces depending on the top that you’re wearing. At BOETIEK, we think it’s important to invest in versatile pieces of jewellery which is why chains are definitely up there as one of our must-haves! When it comes to chains for women, we really think that gold chains have the upper hand here. Gold chains are definitely more widely available and bring a soft, feminine edge to the chain.

Long necklaces for women

A long necklace can be a great stand-out piece to have in your back pocket. Instinctively, you might think that you should only wear a long necklace with a plunging neckline when you’re dressed up but you can easily make long necklaces for women a casual piece of jewellery too. If you’re wearing a plain turtleneck jumper then a long necklace can be the perfect way to jazz up the look and make it feel really modern. 

Sustainable necklaces

Jewellery tends to have a complicated supply chain and it’s hard to always know where your necklaces are coming from. If you’re searching for sustainable necklaces online the key things to look out for are: necklaces made from recycled materials, fair trade jewellery, ethically made necklaces and of course vintage necklaces! Through BOETIEK, you’ll find more from shops from the UK- supporting small brands in the same country is another way to shop sustainably online.   

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