Sustainable jewellery

We’re all doing our bit for the planet which includes shopping for sustainable fashion online- and that includes sustainable jewellery! When it comes to sustainable jewellery, you often need to look past the trends of fast-fashion and think about statement pieces that you want to keep for years to come- after all, your consumption of the jewellery will make it sustainable too! 

Eco Friendly Jewellery

How can you find out more about whether jewellery is actually sustainable? Well, you need to find out whether a jewellery brand has a transparent and responsible supply chain. Things to look out for: does the product have minimal impact on the environment, isn’t involved in conflict and pays their workers a fair wage in safe conditions? Then you’ll know that it’s eco friendly jewellery- when it comes to buying jewellery online put your money where your mouth is!

Sustainable Jewellery Brands

Through our online boutique you can discover new sustainable jewellery brands. There are some tell-tell signs for you; hand crafted, locally sourced and made from recycled materials are all good signs when it comes to sustainable jewellery brands. British brands such as Stella Mc Cartney, Astrid & Miyu, Wearth London and Daughters of Ganges are all great examples.

Eco friendly earrings

A product that we particularly love are eco-friendly earrings. Brands get really creative when it comes to designing earrings that are ethically made using upcycled materials. We love to see eco friendly earrings because they can be a statement piece in your outfit- and you’ll have a story to tell about them. You can find eco-friendly jewellery brands through our online boutique or even have a scroll through some luxx vintage earrings!  

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