Women's jewellery

Shop the most stunning women’s jewellery online made from sterling silver, gold, rose gold and more on BOETIEK - the online boutique. Are you on the hunt for a new ring with a gemstone, link bracelet or minimalist necklaces? Well you’ve come to the right place. Through our online boutique, we’ve collected a number of online jewellery shops for you to explore. Jewellery can be the perfect finishing touch for an outfit and a few simple additions can elevate a look from day to night. Whether you like to keep your jewellery elegant and simple or you’re bold with statement pieces, we’re sure you’ll discover some great pieces through our marketplace - it’s filled with sustainable jewellery brands, British brands and independent businesses. Start your search by filtering by sub-category and then get scrolling!

Essential Jewellery 

I’m a girl who doesn’t leave the house without her everyday essential jewellery. I have a few key pieces that I wear everyday and that I can layer on for special occasions. My essential jewellery consists of a necklace, ring and watch - and they’re a mixture of gold and silver. When it comes to everyday jewellery, choose a few key pieces that you love and won’t easily tire of. My essential jewellery are quite basic pieces because I like to build on these- such as a gold chain necklace which is perfect for stacking. Choosing basic jewellery makes it more versatile and means you don’t have to adjust them every day.

Women’s Designer Jewellery 

If you’ve always had your heart on a piece of women’s designer jewellery then this might be your opportunity. Through BOETIEK, you’ll find vintage designer jewellery for women as we are partnered with vintage jewellers. From Tiffany necklaces to Chanel earrings, you’ll find a huge choice of vintage jewellery available here!

Jewellery for girlfriends

It’s a cliche to buy jewellery for a girlfriend- but who doesn’t love to live in that romantic fantasy every now and again?? If you’re really considering buying jewellery for a girlfriend make sure you know what type of jewellery she likes and is already wearing. Preparation is key here- have you noticed whether her other jewellery is gold or silver? Does she have a bold style or does she stick to her everyday essential jewellery? Unless you know that your partner loves bold colours and statement pieces we suggest that you stick to some well-made basics. A chain necklace or stackable rings are always handy base pieces! Alternatively, hand-made jewellery from a local retailer - that comes with a story - is always going to make a thoughtful gift!  

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