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Women's sunglasses

TBH; the latest trends in women's sunglasses make us incredibly greedy every year. From small round sunnies to large designer glasses that cover half of your face. As far as we're concerned, you shouldn't have to make a choice- sunglasses are such a fun accessory that you want to be able to mix and match. Women's sunglasses are the accessory to complete your outfit. Every look has a different pair of sunnies that suits you. The cat eye sunglasses are feminine and therefore work well with a floral dress or skirt with a summery print. We think wayfere sunglasses very cool and therefore go well with some loose fit jeans and sporty trainers. Or you could go all-out with an edgy pair bobsdrunk sunnies. In addition to the trends, it's also important to check that the pair of sunnies suits your face shape. Remember, opposites attract. Square jaw = round sunglasses and vice versa!

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