Sports bras

The main function of a sports bra is to provide good support for your boobies. During excercise you can often be in motion sending your breasts in all directions. A sports bra is there to keep your boobs in place and feeling supported which si why bras are usually made of sturdy, think material. Also, this type of bra has to be breathable, because: sweat. A sports bra will absorb moisture easily but without the bra loosing elasticity or discolouring. After all, you don't wanna see all those obvious sweat stains. Have a look for the type of support you think you need as women with larger boobs will often need a bit extra support - so double check the product description to see if it's right for you. And don't forget- like all bras- a sports bra should make you feel good! Pick a sports bra that suits your personality as they come in a huge number of vibrant colours, styles and sustainable options. Have fun with it!

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