Coats come in so many different forms, what type of person are you? Do you head straight to the practical raincoat? Or is your coat still a fashion statement so you’d rather layer up with knits underneath your Trench? Despite years of living in Europe, I definitely fall into the latter. I love my outerwear and my coats are some of my favourite things in my wardrobe. Although coats are very seasonal, the trends don’t change a huge amount so every couple of years I invest in a new style to add to my collection. Scroll through the range of coats you can buy through BOETIEK.

Long padded coat

One of the most popular styles of coats right now are long padded coats- no surprises as to why! Who wouldn’t want to walk around all day in, let’s face it, an oversized duvet? AND still look fashionable doing it? To me, the long padded coat has met the perfect balance of fashion and form- I can’t believe that any of you will be cold wearing one this winter. Padded coats and puffer jackets edged their way back into fashion in the last few years. You will usually find they’re most popular in black but there definitely lots of fun prints and colour out there!

Men’s Winter Coats

One of the sleekest looks for men is the winter coat. Traditional woolen coats are a super trendy way for men to upgrade a casual outfit into something stylish. Our favourite colour for a woolen coat is a charcoal or sleet grey. It’s a fresh take of the traditional camel coat and something a bit different to black. Men’s winter coats can also be puffer jackets and trench coats too but woolen coats for men are one of those trends that aren’t going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Ladies Coats 

Right now, trench coats are one of the most popular ladies coats that you can style- but as we head further into winter I’m sure that you’d prefer something a little sturdier. So we’re full circle back to the long padded coats- one of the most popular trends for coats right now. If you prefer something more streamlined, the Houndstooth print is a really popular checked coat pattern right now. It’s so classically British that it’s back to being popular again- love!

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