Women's coats

The great benefit of buying a new coat is that the trends in women’s coats don’t see-saw as much as the rest of the world of fashion. You’ve got your staples: the classic woollen coat, trendy trench coat and cosy parka. Although every year designers make some tweaks to these designs, such as new popular colours or some experimental buckles, the look and feel pretty much stays the same. That’s great news for you and I! It’s not often that you’re buying a new coat and you obviously want it to last the test of time. If you’re investing in a new coat this year why not make it a sustainable coat? Brands such as Komodo, Ecoalf and Stella McCartney have designs for trendy classic coats that are kind to people and planet. Do you think that there’s such a thing as too many coats? Well, I’m here to disagree. If you are living in the dreary British weather and need to wear a coat for more than half the year- why shouldn’t you have a great selection of women’s coats to choose from? Do you have that one stand-out coat that you can’t wait to wear every winter? Find that coat that you can’t wait to wear every season on BOETIEK.

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