Mini dresses

Girl, you keep wearing a short dress for as long as you want! There are no rules when it comes to age and fashion- as long you feel comfortable in the way you present yourself, why shouldn't you wear a short dress? However there are a few tips to remember when styling a short dress. Less is more; if you're wearing a short dress without any tights then you don't need to have your top half bare too - it's about creating a balance. Mini dresses don't all have to be about partywear -they are also a great option that you can wear day-to-day. During the summer, you could wear a mini dress with a denim jacket or shirt to dress down the look. During chillier months, a short floral dress under a jumper is a really cute way to make it workable for the whole year. Find new ways to wear mini dresses from shops such as the Oxygen Boutique where you'll find a mixture of casual and dressed up versions!

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