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Unlike coats, jackets have the space to be more fashion over function. Of course, jackets can provide an all important layer of warmth when the seasons are changing but it feels as though you have a lot more options when it comes to buying a jacket. Jackets cover a broad spectrum, they come in all shapes, sizes and materials- here are our must-haves. Obviously, everyone should have a denim jacket in their wardrobe. They’re casual, bring an effortless, cool style to an outfit and can be styled in so many ways: tight fit, oversize or coloured denim? Then you’ve got leather jackets for women- it’s the perfect jacket to take out to dinner or a night out. They go with whatever outfit you’re wearing, from jeans to dress, a leather jacket is a must-have in our books. Then there’s blazers, bombers and even bodywarmers which all have their individual style to bring to your wardrobe. Where to start??

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