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Women's jackets

Shop for women’s jackets from top brands on BOETIEK - the modern marketplace. The search for jackets for women isn't always straightforward. Are you looking for a classic coat that’s suitable for more formal occasions? Or are you regularly cycling through the rain and need a more durable raincoat with a hood? Are you still undecided what type of jacket you need? Obviously each type of jacket has their own uses- women’s jackets for winter need to be thick, waterproof and warm whilst a leather jacket for spring can be thinner. Through our online marketplace you’ll be able to find the perfect jacket for any occasion and hopefully discover some new brands along the way!

Branded ladies' jackets 

At BOETIEK, we love to work with local retailers and indy brands but that’s not to say that we are fans of big brands too - Allsaints, I’m looking at you! International brands have their own benefits. Rains, a Danish brand, has found the sweet spot for waterproof and fashionable (and vegan). And who doesn’t love a vintage Levi’s jacket? But of course, British brands have a special place in our hearts: Barbour, Stella, Palace - old and new! You can discover new brands through our search engine as we’re working with over 100+ brands across the site. 

Sustainable women’s jackets

It’s no secret that sustainable fashion has a higher price tag than what we are accustomed to. If it’s time for you to invest in a new jacket, are you ready to spend a lil’ extra to make sure that it’s kind to people and the planet? On BOETIEK, you can scroll through sustainable jackets for women, jackets made from recycled materials and organic denim jackets. We want to make it easier for you to find sustainable products online.

Women’s jackets on sale

Jackets and coats can be on the expensive side. Are you hoping to find women’s jackets on sale? When you’re shopping online, you’re almost always guaranteed to find a bargain jacket through our search engine. As BOETIEK is connected to over 50 shops there are always some discounted jackets to be found!  

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