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Women's jeans

Jeans are an absolute staple for everyone. They’re so easy to throw on and make sense for any occasion- whether you’re going to work or out for dinner. How do you know what type of women's jeans suits you best? You’ve got your traditional jeans; skinny and slim fit jeans. Although these aren’t quite as popular as they once were, black skinny jeans are still a must-have, right? If you want to branch out into the latest fashion in jeans for women then it’s got to be a loose fit pair of jeans. Wide-leg jeans, mom jeans and flared jeans are currently trending- these jeans are super easy to wear with a jumper and some brogues.

Buying jeans online

There are a couple of things you should pay attention to if you’re going to buy jeans online. Have you decided on your fit already? What waist line are you looking for? And colour? Ok, so there’s lots to think about when buying jeans online but the benefit of a marketplace is that you can quickly scan the internet for jeans online through BOETIEK. When shopping online for jeans it’s easy to choose a brand that you already know as you’ve got a good idea about their sizes. That’s usually a sensible tactic if you’re pretty specific about what you’re looking for, however, don’t forget to experiment and try new things! 

Sustainable women’s jeans

To us, jeans brands are at the forefront of affordable sustainable fashion. Brands have been using organic cotton in their jeans for years now to reduce the amount of water needed in the process of creating jeans. Brands such as Kings of Indigo, Kuyichi and MUD Jeans are also making sustainable jeans for women fashionable. You can find the latest trends in jeans in sustainable materials from brands on BOETIEK.

Women’s jeans sale

Shopping online has it’s benefits: there’s usually always someone on sale. If you know your favourite brands of jeans and you’re not quite ready to deviate then you can probably find them on sale here. From Levi’s, Denham, G-Star - scroll through the jeans on sale.   

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