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Women's hoodies

How do you wear women's hoodies in a stysih, sexy way? We'll do our best to answer that for you - through BOETIEK you can discover new ways to wear your favourite pieces. Hoodies are a go-to for when I'm feeling relaxed and want to wear an easy outfit- but there are way more situations you can rock a hoodie. It can be styled in a fashion-forward way with just a few tweaks. Firstly, always buy your hoodie a few sizes larger, in addition to it being really comfy, it also pairs well with something shorter underneath, like a mini skirt. And it makes you seem like you've borrowed a hoodie from your partner, which is a bonus. A modern way to style a hoodie is underneath a denim jacket, which is a really cool look. This is a great solution for rainy days when you don't want to wear a big heavy coat but still want a hood ready to be used. Pairing a hoodie with a jacket will also help to create more of a feminine sillouette than having everything oversized and pull you in at the waist. Try to avoid styling a hoodie with skinny jeans or trousers as this will make you look top heavy- find a straight leg or even wide leg substitute instead. Our favourite women's hoodies are all in neutral colours which pair well with denim or leather, look out for browns, beiges and autumn inspired colour palettes. At the end of the day, besides the hoodie being a statement item, you can of course also wear it a chill jumper to brunch on a slow Sunday - it's a bit of a change to your usual cosy knit. Can't find a nice ladies hoodie in our overview? Then you can always dive into your partners closet. Guaranteed success.

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