Women's long sleeve t-shirts

When it comes to clothing, we are happy to give out unsolicitated advice on what to buy- such as with women's long sleeved t-shirts. Perhaps you don't feel like investing in a basic t-shirt and you'd rather spend your well earned pennies on a new pair of trainers or stylish jeans. We get it! However, when it comes to women's t-shirts the quality can vary quite a bit. A good quality women's t-shirt with long sleeves is often made of ticker fabric and feels slightly stronger and less see-through. As a result (of spending more) a tshirt will fit you better too rather than bunching around your tummy. A quick internert search of the review will let you know about the quality of the t-shirts, have a look for which materials the t-shirt is made from (anything made of modal or organic cotton is eco-friendly!) aaaand use trustworthy sites, such as BOETIEK. Good luck finding the perfect basics!

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