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Men's long sleeve t-shirts

If you're in need of something to wear during those days that are a bit in-between-seasons, then why not start building your men's long sleeve t-shirt collection! One of the greatest aspects of men's fashion is how easy it is to translate a style and look with a couple of basics. If you're already perfected the classic tee and jeans look, then swapping your summer tee for something a little warmer shouldn't be any issue, right? Unlike with short sleeve t-shirts, our suggestion is to buy men's long sleeve t-shirts in neutral or earthy colours and to avoid seriously bright prints when shopping. Are you reading to start investing in this style of men's t-shirt? Then check out some of the sustainable options and organic cotton t-shirts. If you want to take your style a step further, find yourself a long sleeve tee that has a high neckline. It's a really casual way to pull of a trendy roll-neck style- and one that you can wear all year round!

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