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Women's short sleeve t-shirts

The women's short sleeve t-shirt is the most important piece of clothing in your closet, simply because you wear it all year round. Biiig statement, we know. But can you argue with it? Women's short sleeve tees are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe which is why it's better to invest in some good quality t-shirts that will last for a long time. As you can probably tell, we love a good t-shirt. Why? I’m a sucker for the classic women’s t-shirt and jeans combo to my collection of t-shirts is pretty extensive. You can also wear a t-shirt under a jumper throughout the winter so I always try to make sure that it’s got a cool print on, in case you get too warm.

Trendy: women’s long, short-sleeved t-shirts. 

Like with all fashion, oversized t-shirts are very popular at the moment. Look out for oversized and long-length women’s t-shirts that are perfect for the summer. You can wear long line t-shirts in combo with tall boots and platform soles. This really dresses up the look of a basic t-shirt. 

Must-haves: black women’s short sleeve t-shirts

Investing in good basics is something we should all do from time to time. How often do you stand in front of your closet and you know exactly which jeans you wanna wear but have no idea about the top. In situations like these, it’s always handy to have a basic black women’s short sleeve t-shirt because it’s sooo easy to throw on! These garments go with every outfit and come in handy every day. Moreover, you can upgrade a striking skirt or organic wide leg jeans with a basic t-shirt and leather jacket - your all day everyday look is complete - it's that simple!

Women's Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt

At BOETIEK you’ll find a wide selection of women’s short sleeve t-shirts that are sustainably produced. These days most brands have a collection of organic cotton t-shirts, such as Levi’s, but there are cool brands out there dedicated to creating organic cotton designs, such as Kuyichi. These t-shirts have been created with the environment in mind and are therefore the more conscious choice.  These organic cotton T-shirts may have a slightly higher price tag, but we promise you, they're worth the investment. In the end, cheap is expensive and that also applies to short-sleeved T-shirts. Check out the range of short sleeve t-shirts in all sorts of colours, from blue to red, all made from organic cotton, line or recycled materials. Oh- and make sure you take a peek at our vintage collection where you’ll find t-shirts that deserve a new lease of life.  There’s nothing more annoying than when your basic white tee ends up with discolouration under the pits. This discolouration can be pretty stubborn at times so how are you supposed to get rid of them? Well, it’s important to wash your t-shirts right after a long day- the yellow spots usually appear if you leave them too long. Whilst the t-shirt is still sitting in the bottom of your washing basket, the remains of deo and sweat are turning into icky yellow spots which have hardened over time. Swapping a cheap t-shirt for a high quality t-shirt will help too as they’re usually made of some sturdier and techy materials.  

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