Women's trousers

Women's trousers are back! The trends in women's trousers really fluctuate every season. Usually, we're so focused on the latest trends in women's jeans that trousers don't get a look in- but this year trousers for women are on the rise. In particular, wide leg and flared trousers are popular at the mo as that effortlessly, cool, relaxed style has blossomed. I think it's safe to say that tailored trousers aren't quite as popular as their billowy counter parts- one of the benefits of spending over a year WFM is a lot of us ladies have said goodbye to tight fitting clothes. Women's trousers come in a relaxed style across all categories- it's not just the semi-casual suit trousers but also linen trousers, joggers and matching knitted two-pieces. Live the fantasty; combine high-waisted trousers with a matching blazer to create an outfit that will take you from behind your desk straight to the dance floor. Don't forget we've got sustainable options for all these styles too!

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