You can shop some of the prettiest knickers, briefs, thongs, brazllians, you name it, through the online boutique, BOETIEK. We've got matching women's knickers to go under any outfit- and for any occasion. If you're wearing a tight dress then you might need an invisible thong. Planning a romantic evening? Then might we suggest a lace red brazillian? Just in the mood for something comfy during your on days- then a pair of hipsters will do the trick. The range of women's undies just keeps going. There's so many different brands, price points and materials that you can chose from. If you can, it's always good to look at some of the sustianable knickers and brands. These are usually made from organic cotton which is a bit better for the environment. Wait. Did I just make talking about knickers un-sexy? Naaaah, sustainability is sexy.    

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