What’s most important to you when you’re on the lookout for new tights? Are you here to discover new brands of tights or would you prefer the highest quality for the lowest price? Through BOETIEK, we think that we can help solve that conundrum. Our goal is to highlight good quality tights that we believe in. Tights should be something that is easy to buy- you can try out different styles, high-waisted, shapewear or a different denier, until you find the perfect pair of tights for you.

Patterned Tights

In the last few years, patterned tights have really grown in popularity. I was a slow adopter to the patterned tights trend as I usually paired plain tights with a floral dress. The best way to style patterned tights is obviously the other way round. Patterned tights, such as polka dot tights, are a great addition to an all-black outfit as it can elevate the look with something different. If you still want to bring some colour into your look, finish the outfit with a strong coloured jacket or perhaps even blouse.

Tights for Women  

Tights- I’ve got a love/hate relationship with them. I love the look of dresses and tights but don’t usually go a few weeks without snagging my newest pair. Then I realised I was done buying cheap tights for women- it’s time to invest in things that you use all the time. My favourite tights for women are Heist. They are sustainable, durable, high-waisted and so so comfy. I have had my Heist tights for years now and they’re still going strong!

Black Tights

The classic pair of tights: black tights. These are your essentials. Your go-to. Your daily tights. They are the foundation to so many outfits. What denier do you start with? I’m personally a 40 denier year round kinda gal but mainly because I can’t keep a 15 denier pair going for longer than a month. I also really prefer the colour of 40 denier black tights. You can still see some skin below the layer of elastane and they’ll keep your legs warm whilst you brave the outdoors.  

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