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Men's trainers

We talk about men's trainers being one single category but there are so many styles of trainers for men out there they almost all deserve their own category. From dad shoes to minimalist, trainers cover such a broad spectrum of styles that you can wear them in almost every occasion. You've got your casual men's trainers: muted tones, coloured accents, New Balance/Nike types. These are day to day trainers that you can wear with a loose fit pair of jeans. Minimalist trainers, which are better suited to wearing to the office, they're usually the simple all white, leather style of trainers, your Veja's. Then there's a whole category of sustainable trainers- for a while many of the brands seem to be riffing of the Veja style of men's trainers until the Karhus came onto the scene and the category of sustainable trainers exploded. There's high tops, basket ball shoes, skate shoes, hikings trainers (this ones new!) and dad shoes. And whilst vintage brands are making a come back, current brands are embracing vintage styles. Whenever I order new trainers online, I can’t wait for my delivery to arrive, I'm constantly checking my phone for a notification about the delivery date. I always order my trainers online because you can access more of the latest models, they always have my size and I can scroll through pictures of trainers for hours on my phone. The great thing about BOETIEK is that you can do all of those things on one website so you can find the price and the shipping options that suit you best without having to swap between tabs. It’s just that easy!

Men’s smart trainers

You might not get into bars with your usual trainers on but if you swap out your white Nikes for some smart men’s trainers then you’ve got yourself a better chance! What makes men’s smart trainers, smat? Well, you probably have to dull down the bright colours and find a leather pair of trainers. Leather trainers will quickly elevate your usual pair of trainers to be more smart-casual but you have to make sure you dress up your look too. Pair men’s smart trainers with a pair of dark-wash denim jeans and a casual shirt so that you have the whole look complete.

Men’s black trainers

Men’s black trainers are a great example of a smart pair- especially if you can find a pair in all black. There are sooo many pairs of black trainers available out there, if you already have a favourite brand, it’s probably easiest if you start your search there. Nike, adidas, New Balance have all got a black pair of trainers but sustainable brands such as Veja are less likely to.

Adidas blue trainers

  Are you searching for a fun new pair of trainers?? Check out the latest styles of adidas blue trainers. Trainers for men are definitely a category where you can throw the colour rule book out the window. Don’t be afraid to branch out and buy yourself a pair of adidas blue trainers because you’ll easily be able to style them just like any others. If you want to make it a bit easier: rather than all-blue styles of sneaks, have a look for blue accents in your trainers so that you will have the base colour of white to work off.  

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