Discover the latest trends in swimsuits for women through BOETIEK, the online boutique. Every year we see a little tweaks in the swimsuit trends for women and this year is no different. As with the rest of fashion, the one shoulder trend has taken off in women’s swimwear too. When it comes to one shoulder swimsuits or other asymetrical styles, it’s best to look for a plain swimsuit with fewer colours. There’s enough going on with the straps and details that you don’t need a really loud swimsuit to go with it. Designers have realised there’s more that can be done with the humble swimsuit and we love the new styles of women’s swimsuits with ruffles and cut outs. Again, block-colour or something plain is a good choice. You can also find a great range of sustainable swimsuits on BOETIEK which have the same statement look to them!

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