Bath towels

Find your new bathroom towels online and have them delivered straight to your home. Discover the best bath towels through our search engine. Every couple of years you should really treat yourself to some new bathroom towels. It’s a luxurious feeling when you start using new bathroom towels that are all fluffy and fresh in comparison to the ones you have been using for years. Do your bathroom towels match the rest of your bathroom’s colour scheme or do you have traditional white towels? We think that the bathroom is a room where you can have a bit of fun with colours and patterns - browse through the choices below to find your new bath sheets!

Best bath towels

Deciding what the best bath towels for you are really depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for bath sheets that are super soft and ultra absorbent? Then you should look through 100% cotton bath towels and at those that have over 600 GSM - these will be the fluffiest and heaviest towels that you can find meaning they’re really absorbent. Brands such as Bedeck have heavier towels and you’ll find there’s a big choice of colour too. However, if you prefer a towel to be durable and quick drying then you should scroll the cotton-poly mixes or any lighter fabrics such as linen towels. These lighter towels will be less absorbent but also less bulky (and usually with a decorative print). To make it easier, look out for waffle weaves or ribs from brands such as Helena Springfield and Scion.

Cotton Bath towels

As we’ve mentioned, 100% cotton bath towels are usually heavier, fluffiest and luxurious towels. Cotton bath towels can also be a more sustainable option as you’ll find that there are organic cotton options through BOETIEK too! You’ll find that many towel brands have a collection of organic cotton bath towels too - that includes Bedeck! Other sustainable options for bath sheets include bamboo lyocell. Bath sheets made from lyocell are less easy to come by when organic cotton makes so much sense for bath towels!

Bath towels on sale

Buying new bath sheets is not really a sexy purchase so we can’t blame you for looking for bath towels on sale. Through our comparison site, you’ll be able to find branded bath towels on sale as we aggregate towels from all across the internet. It makes sense to look for bath towels on sale during the peak moments.  

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