Candle holders

Shop for new candle holders in a variety of colours and sizes through BOETIEK - the online boutique. Candles and candle holders can make your home so cosy in an instant. At BOETIEK, we have a little obsession with all things candle-related so we don’t think that you can have too many candleholders, they're one of our favourite finishing touches for a room! Usually candle holders are designed for candlestick and these are a very popular trend at the moment. You can also find candle holders for tea lights or scented candles but candlestick holders are very popular right now! You can find a home for candlestick holders all over the place from your dining table, coffee table or dressoir. From glass candle holders to golden candle holders, we’ve got you covered for whatever interior style you have in your house. 

Tall candle holders

You have probably spotted these all over your feed (or friends houses) but tall candle holders are the latest trend in home accessories. Candlestick holders have become a must-have piece to make sure your home looks cosy and contemporary at the same time. Tall candle holders are great because they become an easy and affordable statement piece. Once you have the base chosen, you can then mix and match candlesticks to go into them. You can frequently update the colour scheme of your candle sticks depending on the time of year which means having a tall candle holder is actually really versatile, promise. 

Glass candle holders

If you really want a versatile candlestick holder then we recommend you go scroll through the glass candle holders. As they’re made of glass, they usually don’t have any colour attached to them which means they can easily slot into any style of room. Glass candle holders might look basic without the candle in them but once you have a coloured candle into them, they look really great in your home.

Gold candle holders

If you would prefer a statement piece which is more flashy then definitely go for gold. Gold candle holders are especially pretty as the metallic design will catch the flame and make the candlestick holder glow. It’s a really cute eye-catcher! Gold candle holders will also fit into any room that is a mixture of wooden and metal furniture. Gold is another base colour that will bring the style of room together nicely.   

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