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Through BOETIEK you can shop for clocks online in all shapes and shapes. When it’s time to buy a new clock you mainly think about how functional they are. Can you easily read the time on a wall clock from across the room? Does it make a ticking noise? What format is the clock? However you could also look at clocks as a home accessory that can brighten up one of your walls. Clocks can be statement wall decorations that match the style of your room. If you have a lot of marble home accessories why not add to that with a marble clock face. Or if you’re more into an industrial look and feel - have a look at clocks with a metal frame. Have a look through the range of clocks online and find the perfect home accessory for your room. 

Big wall clocks

Are you looking for a collection of big wall clocks to browse through? Well check out the range on our platform. Big wall clocks are a great statement piece for any room. - especially if you have high ceilings or plain rooms. Big wall clocks tend to have an industrial look to them as they’re much larger; they're usually made from metal. Through BOETIEK you’ll find some contemporary twists to big wall clocks as there are some abstract designs and unusual wall clocks such as Cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo clocks have made a bit of a comeback and you can now find modern designs that include the cuckoo feature.

Wall clocks for living room

When it comes to finding the right wall clock for the living room you really have to consider the style of your room. How large would you like the clock to be and do you have any stand out furniture that it needs to suit? We really like some of the abstract design clocks for the living room as they can act like a piece of art in the wall too. When it comes to wall clocks for the living room, you might want to find a wooden clock to match the cosy vibe of the room - sometimes a metal clock could look a bit cold and is better suited to the kitchen. You probably don’t want a clock for the living room to be silent too so that it’s not a distracting sound with the telly!

Industrial clocks

Industrial interior is quite a popular style; think matter black with gold or copper details. It could be an extensive use of wood and metal which is paired with warm materials such as velvet. If you recognise yourself in this interior description there’s a good chance that you’re looking for one of industrial clocks, such as the MADE clocks. Through our marketplace you’ll find a wide selection of industrial clocks made of metal and wood. Your search for the perfect clock starts here!  

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