Photo frames

We’ve got picture frames in every shape, size and colour you might need- come and have a look at what’s available on BOETIEK! You can bring a room to life through decorating the walls with some art, posters or pictures - it's the perfect finishing touch! Once you’ve spruced up your walls with a bit of colour or designs, they start to tell a story and you can really express yourself through your interior. Whether it’s your favourite poster, a print that you picked up at a market or photos of your friends and family- photo frames are the must-have final piece this puzzle. Gone are the days that you’re sticking posters directly onto your wall- having prints and pictures properly framed really makes a room look, well, finished. It might take a little bit more work to get picture frames hung up on the wall but they definitely look better for and can become a real feature to a room. Picture frames are really great for tying together different prints across the room to look more harmonious; try to pick a style or colour for your frames so that there’s a theme to going around the room. Are you into really gold picture frames, trendy industrial metal frames or would you prefer the classic black? The great thing about buying picture frames online is that you already know the exact measurements you need- that means you can just plug in your search for size, colour and material and our search engine will show you what’s available online. 4x6, large or gold picture frames- we’ve got the full collection on BOETIEK. 

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