Paints and posters are a great focal point for any room. Discover the newest posters online through BOETIEK, the online boutique. On this platform you can quickly scan through posters available to be delivered in the UK. From quirky abstract prints to fan favourite characters, posters can bring a room to life. If you have some empty looking walls, an oversized poster or collection of small paintings and posters could be the best way to fill the space. Think about the colour scheme that you have going on in the room; you can use a poster to tie together other statement pieces too! Don’t forget to buy a frame for the poster too! It really elevates how a poster fits into a room.

Posters shop

Remember when you used to go into HMV to explore all the posters on sale? Well, now most people would probably buy them from a posters shop online. Shopping for posters online really broadens your choice as you’re no longer limited by the stock available in store. Through shopping for posters online you will find a huge number of popular characters from TV shows but also an opportunity to discover new local artists through their prints - scroll through the range of Wolf & Badger posters to find out more.

Movie posters framed

A very popular category within posters are movie posters. If you’re a fan of particular movies then why not show off your fan-knowledge through a framed movie poster? When done cleverly, a movie poster can be a really cool addition to a room- especially if there is some strong styling in the design. Characters such as those from DC Comics can bring a sense of energy to a monotone living room whereas Peaky Blinders characters have a vintage look to them.

Posters for room

If you have quite a lot of blank wall space in a room then think about how to add a poster to the room. Posters can be a great finishing touch to any room; for maximum impact we recommend that the posters are larger than A3 size. This way you can really fill up any space on the wall and draw the focus to the centre of the wall. Posters are supposed to be a focal point to a room so don't be afraid to pick bright colours and prints as part of your choices. If you're doubt about what type of poster to choose for your room, think about the colour scheme you want to build on! 

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