Hanging lamps

Hanging lamps are a great way to bring some atmosphere into a room- discover new ways to spruce your home through our online boutique. At BOETIEK, we’re creating an overview of the coolest hanging lights for your home. From glass pendant lamps to bamboo pendant lights- we love how a hanging lamp looks in your living or dining room. Gone are the days where hanging lamps look like dated, old light fixtures. Through our online boutique, you’ll discover new modern hanging lamps: industrial pendant lighting, bamboo pendant lights and all the colours of glass pendant lights you could ask for.

Hanging light fixtures

Turn any room into a radiant centre by adding one of our hanging light fixtures. Our favourite room to add a hanging light fixture to is the dining room. Although the dining room already has a statement feature, as the table is the centerpiece, a hanging lamp adds to the dramatics of the room. A colourful glass pendant light is a really modern way to bring some colour into the room too. And it’s great for when you need to set the mood for a cosy dinner club or a fresh morning brunch.

Island pendant lights

The cool thing about adding an island pendant light to a room is that they really come in so many styles- and it’s a great way to bring the room together. A personal fav here at BOETIEK is the coloured glass pendant lights but if your home has more of an industrial or boho vibe, you’ll find that these are a great finishing touch for your home. Mostly, hanging lamps help to centre a room and tie everything together which is why you’ll find they’re most commonly island pendant lights.  

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