Lamp shades

Refreshing your lamp shades is a great way to update the style in a room without much cost or hassle. Browse through the collection of pretty lamp shades available through our online boutique! If you think that you already have the perfect lighting situation in your room but you fancy a change, you can always choose to swap your lamp shades instead. There are 3 popular types of fixtures for lamp shades which are: Spider fitter shades, clip-on filter shades and Uno fitter shades. Have a quick look to make sure that the fitting matches what you have in your house! 

Decorative lamp shades

When I think about buying new lamp shades it never feels very inspiring. In my mind, decorative lamp shades were something better suited to my nan’s house than my own. That being said lamp shades have been through a revamp over the last few years and can be a very effective home accessory. There are lots of pretty lamp shades to choose from; from quirky print lamp shades to industrial metal fixtures. Especially when it comes to hanging lamps, the range of lamp shades gets really exciting.

White lamp shade

Lamp shades can be a really effective accessory however sometimes less is more. If you already have quite a busy bedroom or living room, which you’ve filled with knick knacks and patterned throws, it doesn’t hurt to have some neutral accessories in the room. A white lamp shade can still be effective for creating mood lighting in a room despite the shade itself not being the centerpiece. Not everything in your house can be OTT and so I’m sure the humble white lamp shade will find a home!

Glass lamp shades

One of our favourite new lighting trends are glass lamp shades. Although glass lamp shades have been popular for some time, especially when paired with an exposed bulb, there’s a new modern twist on the trend. This season, look out for glass lamps that are made from coloured and tinted glass. This really refreshes the glass shade as it moves the style from industrial to modern. They are best used with hanging lamps or tall standing lamps as they can give off quite a bright light.  

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